Kid's Church Programs

Your Kid's Church Program Will Never Be The Same

After Bob's Visit (In A Good Way! :-)

Besides impacting the lives of your children with the power of God's love, Bob will inspire your Kid's Church staff and volunteers to new levels of creativity and excitement!

They will walk away (or be carried away! :-) with new and fun ways to present Biblical truths!

And when people hear how fun and creative your Kid's Church has become, it will be easier to recruit and keep volunteers!

Here are just a few of the elements that make up a Bob Ross Kid's Church Presentation:

  • Comedy With A Message (Using Voices, Costumes, Props and Music)

  • Interactive, Creative Bible Stories, using children as actors (although Bob does all the lines and voices, etc., so the kids don't have to learn any parts). One of the things Bob likes to do is go through a Bible story a second time and see if the kids can catch his mistakes (Example: "Jesus wanted to go to Capernum, so He got on His 650 Kawasaki motorcycle..." > which leads to "NO!" from the kids. > "Oh, that's right. It was a Honda!")

  • Impersonations (Disney, TV and movie characters  - with the theme of how God can use anybody)

  • Drawings that start out as one thing and transform into something else (Such as an Easter egg which transforms into a bug, then into a butterfly, then into a lion) - All emphasizing a Biblical principal

  • One-Man Dramas, with fully-orchestrated film scores, costumes and character voices (They will give you goose bumps!)

  • Up-To-Date Versions of Songs Kids Can Sing Along With

  • Trumpet & Vocal Selections Where the Kids Have To Perform An Action Whenever They Hear A Certain Word Or Phrase

  • Object Lessons Using Musical Instruments (Such as the cleansing work of the Holy Spirit, or the importance of developing a skill God has given us (like David did with his slingshot abilities  - and how God later used those skills))





    Herr Professor Doctor Bob-Rossen-Heimin-Slimin-Bumpgen-Noggen in his laboratory


    And his fine, but not so wise assistant, Igor

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