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Have you ever wished you could book an entertainer, especially a comedian, without having to hold your breath if they were going to offend someone in your audience? 

And if they were offensive, YOU would get the flack for it, wouldn't you?

Now days, you couldn't even book Jay Leno without having to hold your breath! Jay has shifted to a style that is very sexual in nature and can be offensive to many.

Well, you can relax! 

Bob Ross is a rare class of entertainer known as "clean." This means that the content, both verbally and musically, will not be offensive. And in the comedy world, you have to be truly funny to make people laugh without using "shock value."

And Bob Ross IS truly funny (just look at him! :-).

And as a world-class musician, you also get great music! (He may even pull out the Smallest Trumpet In The World!) It's like a 2-for-1 special. And Bob's fee is about the same as a 5-minute phone call from some "famous" comedian. (Now if you DO have a $25,000 budget for an entertainer, don't worry, he can adjust to that! :-)


Bob is available to come give a 30-45 minute talk : "Secrets Of 911: How To Get The Fastest Response From The Fire Department, Paramedics and Police."

This informative and entertaining presentation may just save your life! Call RESCUE EDUCATION at (310)478-5230, or click the link below.

For more information, including an audio & video promotional package, please call or write:

11558 Iowa Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

"The Best Concert You've Ever Had, Or It's FREE!"

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