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Bob Ross is a nationally known and respected Trumpet and Vocal Soloist, Stand-Up Comedian, Actor & Impressionist, who also has an incredible gift with children!

He also has a degree in Physics (4.0 in his major/Graduated with Distinction in Nuclear Physics/ Ph.D. pending in Medical Physics), is a published author in Medicine, has entertained audiences at Disney Studios, is a Medical Technical Advisor for the film industry, and has performed nationally with groups ranging from the UCLA Jazz Ensemble to a professional Barbershop Quartet. (Strange, huh?) 

Bob has had several national solo television appearances, and in addition to his own solo albums, he has sung or played trumpet on over 20 albums for various artists. He was one of only 11 men per recording session singing on several Promise Keeper's albums, has sung at numerous stadium events, and was the Director of the first-ever Promise Keeper's Boys Choir.

He is with the renowned Clean Comedians® agency, and just got on the roster of Voice-Over Talent for the company that does VeggieTales!

Bob is also a member of the Pasadena Fire Department EMS (Paramedic) Reserve. So, if one of your folks gets so blessed or laughs so hard they pass out, you won't need to call 911! (Be careful, though. If it appears that you're not getting blessed, he may pull out his defibrillation paddles!)

Bob is either schizophrenic, or very talented!  :-)


A typical concert includes hilarious Comedy, plus Trumpet and Vocal Music ranging in style from Ballads to Big Band to Black Gospel (except Rap/Hip-Hop - He's not that good!). The ballads, however, will allow you to hear the most beautiful, anointed sound you've ever heard from a trumpet! And out of a life of trauma and triumph comes a singing voice of incredible passion.

There's really something for everybody, including a full 15-minute segment for and with the kids that will knock your socks off! Laughter, however, will not be permitted during the service. (We wouldn't want the Lord to inhabit the joyful praises of His people, now would we?)

Bob charges $20,000 per concert and accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.  :-)             If this doesn't fit into your budget, he will gladly come on a love offering basis.

Bob's Guarantee: The concert will be the best, most anointed concert you've ever been to, let alone had at your church, or you can keep the proceeds from the offering for your children's ministry!


The most creative and inspiring (both to the kids and the staff & volunteers) Kid's Church program you've ever seen! Your own Kid's Church program will never be the same (in a good way! :-)


Clean Comedy with Trumpet and Vocal music guaranteed to entertain, inspire and please all!

For more information, including an audio & video promotional package, please call or write:

11558 Iowa Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

"The Best Concert You've Ever Had, Or It's FREE!"

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